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Excellent write up. You are truly one of the best DIY writers on this or any forum/technical source I have seen. I also enjoy reading your write up's for the entertainment aspect as well. :thumbsup:

Just a comment on the max AC. On the typical car, the max AC button simply closes off the outside air supply to recirculate the air inside the cabin and increases the blower speed. Max AC takes advantage of the fact the air inside the car has less water vapor it in than outside the outside air. The lower the absolute humidity of the air, the easier it is for the system to remove the heat. If the blower speed is regulated only by climate control in your car and you never manually adjust it, you may have noticed it seldomly fills up the bars on the fan speed indicator. Therefore, to get max AC in an E46, just turn the climate control to recirculate and hit the fan speed up button until all bars are lit up. Voilà, max AC. For those that don't know where the recirculate button is, it's circled in the pic below. The left light is for auto, which I'm not quite sure how that works, and the right light is manual.

1 - 1 of 86 Posts
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