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I don't want to anger anyone who may pay to sponsor e46 Fanatics and owns a shipping business... so I apologize in advance...

...but if I didn't offer serious thanks and a major thumbs up to fellow site member John K and his colleagues at Transauto Logistics (Based out of Downey CA) I'd be a pretty ungrateful person.

Short story:

If you need to ship cross country these guys are great - the price is very competitive and the service is unbelievable! You will not regret it. :thumbup:

Long story:

-I went fishing for a service on the forums to ship my 330 for a work-driven move

-John responded to my request without being pushy, offered a great price ($1100 from Boston to San Francisco)

-He then had to deal with me scheduling and rescheduling for three months as I tried to keep my car as long as possible while pulling off a cross country move.

-In the ultimate move of graciousness he was unphased when I asked for my car to wait another week after his guy was literally waiting to put it on the truck [I was called out of town on business at the last minute and unable to deliver it].

-When I was FINALLY ready to go his guy picked up my car in a convenient lot less than a couple miles from my house -- the staff (Carlos) was extremely thorough, courteous and patient in waiting for my ride to arrive [late as always].

-After less than the two week time agreed upon, my car showed up in CA and we agreed upon delivery time.

-When Carlos couldn't reach me by phone [stuck in meetings again!] he drove his semi to my house to make the delivery!

-As my wife thought I was getting the car myself she was unprepared with a check to pay for it... so Carlos unloaded and waited while she got our three kids and their car seats in the car [at least 20 mins] and then drove to the bank and back to get a check [another 20 mins at least].

-The car came to me in exactly the shape it left in.

I cannot say enough about these guys [sorry sponsors!].

They were fast, flexible, fairly priced and so understanding of the logistical challenges of making a big move and having a demanding job.

If you need to ship... please give these guys a chance to win your business.

And no, I'm not getting paid or a discount or anything just to say this.

Thanks John!

Big thanks Carlos!

Super thanks to the entire Transauto Logistics team!

And last of all, as you well know...

Believe in the power of e46 Fanatics.

01 330i
Now in Foster City CA

PS - Anyone else hitting the Concours D'Elegance in Monterey this weekend? Indycar on the 28th? See you there.


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great review. i will use them the next time I need to ship my cars. it is great to know that there are still great/reliable business out there like Tranauto Logistic Team

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I used DAS Auto Shippers and have nothing but good things to say about them. The car arrived in SD from Seattle for less than $300 and in the same shape I left it. Glad you had the same experience with Transauto! Always great to find awesome companies

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Good to know.
Welcome to the Bay. :hi:
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