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I will pay $2 per picture for someone to photoshop my sedan w/ 19".

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I want my 2002 black 325i w/ sports package to be riding on the 19" Chrome M3 rims. Size 225/35-19 all around w/ 19x8 rims. I have a lot of pictures of my car in the showroom and a few pictures of the rims I want in there also. Please check it out and photoshop for me. I WILL PAY $2 FOR EACH DIFFERENT PICTURE YOU DO THAT IS GOOD. Please do not do anything extreeme I want to know what they will really look like because I am waiting on these pictures to see if I am going to purchase them or not.



For all of you here that do not like chrome don't worry these are not the only rims I am planning on purchasing. I just want these for my Car Audio Shows. I am looking for some 18"s for racing. I just don't want to be stuck with one style.

Thank you to all who help me out. Email or PM me if there are any questions about this .


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This is where the pictures I nee photoshoped are:

Here you go...

No need to pay me. It only took a minute.


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Re: Here you go...

986S said:
No need to pay me. It only took a minute.
That could have been $2 for a minute, or $120/hr.:D
Thank you sooooooooo much. I really like it. You did a great job.
Lets see some more please! Do some daytime picts someone.
Those wheels look good on the coupe. There is a Ti Silver 325ci around who has the M3 wheels. Looks good but looking at his ride it also emphasizes the importance of having some kind of drop with wheels like that. If I had a cam I'd take a pic and post it, but spring break just started and everyone is gone anyway.
my blk 4dr w/ 19"

lowered in front rear is stock w/ system . has sport sups.
2 big

my pics r too big, i will have to reduce later. sorry
You can try tirerack.com as well. In their upgrade center. Pretty kewl to see what looks good on your ride.
Here you go

dropped it a bit and made the black paint more black


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I don,t like their rims that much
what is ur paypal ID?
another one

not as good

hard to find good pics of this wheel


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You did a great job! I love it. It looks sweet!

Lets see some more photoshops of other pictures from my other post.

I do not want to mod it to death so I only have a few things left to do like : tint, lower front, install my Eisenmann exhaust, pedals, gauges, Viper Alarm w/ Auto start and a few little minor things.
Those pictures look sweet! You are talented. Could you fix the license plates though.
Make them black or something.
how bout some tints and some mirrors?
hell yeah
one last one before i pass out

need some sleep!

hope u like it


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