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So I was exiting one off ramp heading West to merge on to another expressway heading South at about 50mph, when a minivan in the far left lane heading South, 3 lanes over, cut across the front of my car to get on to the off ramp to head East. They were going about 70mph and just completely cut me off and I swerved right towards the barrier to avoid them, but the back end washed out on gravel and the car turned 90 degrees and slammed into the barrier. DSC was off and I counter-steered, but there was no chance for recovery. The POS van didn't even stop and I was too concetrated on not hitting the barrier that I didn't get the plates. :censor:

Insurance deemed the car totaled Friday.
Parted the car Sat @ BMW and Part-out Sale coming soon.
Looking at a E93 335i 6speed or maybe a 996 Turbo :woot:

RIP.. 2005 Imola 6 Speed 30k Miles.. :bawling:

1 - 20 of 50 Posts
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