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I've been looking for ZCP replicas (not CSL), and I finally found some in 18" These are definitely not made for an e46, considering the offsets.

The 8" front's should fit fine, they only stick out 7mm more than my stock zhp wheels according to a wheel offset calculator I found. The rear 9" wheels would stick out a full 17mm more than stock. My car's rear tires sit inside the fender a good 20mm, but I know the fender's have a lip on the inside that the tire would probably rub on. So I was wondering if the fender rolling I'd have to do would be visible, or if it would only alter the inside of the wheel well.

As far as clearing the struts, both tires would leave more room for the struts, so that should be fine. Let me know if that's wrong tho.
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