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How To Read OBD2 Engine Diagnostic Logs

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Well, here it is, finally published. After 2 years of learning and 1 year in the writing here is the "How to" for reading OBD2 engine diagnostic logs.

These are the secrets to what I've been doing when I've been looking at everyone's OBD Fusion data logs.

Version 1.5 is now loaded. It has a better reading structure and a few additional sections.

Thank you to everyone who has let me learn on their OBD Fusion logs. It's been a real learning curve.





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Version 1.5 has been added to post #1. It has a better reading structure and a few additional sections.

Thank you to those who have provided feedback.
A worthy document we will use. Thanks!
OK NZ I have a great idea. We're partners now OK? You keep writing great documents Like How to read ODB2 .. and I'll start selling them. We'll give 'em the first page .. then sell them the rest !!
We're gonna strike it rich man!!
LOL, thank you for the complements. I'm pleased you like the "How to".

In the copywrite section I have written,

"This document has been written by a car enthusiast with the help of car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts. It is provided free of charge to all car enthusiast to use, share, distribute and copy in any non-commercial use or undertaking."
To me, this is the essence of why the E46Fanatics forum is so successful. People willing to share their knowledge and support others to learn as they work on their cars. I have learnt a tremendous amount from this forum since joining in November 2016. These documents are me giving back to the forum.

So, sorry, I do not accept your business offer.:ROFLMAO:
Dang!! ... Well its good that I was just razzzing you then !!! But I really am impressed. I looked at your info today ..and found out you are in New Zealand!! What happened .. did you get shipwrecked?? I can send someone (laughing).
Its unfortunate but I had a bunch of great high school friends long ago & we basically razzed each other constantly .. Its kid of the way Guys show appreciation/fondness for each other here. The habit has stayed with me for a lifetime...but I should not assume that is true in NZ
1 - 4 of 26 Posts