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Both ISTA/P, and ISTA+ have been reuploaded to my Google Drive. (I have updated both posts to reflect the change)

The ISTA/P link has been added, and I am currently in the works of adding the instructions to the post. There is install instructions in the ZIP, however I feel like they are a bit mediocre!

Thank you for the support and patience!
First of all thanks for the uploads!
I'm trying to install ISTA-P right now. But unfortunately I'm not quite clear with the instructions. Can you help me?馃拹

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Install Instructions: ISTA+ v4.32.15
  1. Windows 10 v1903 or higher, 11 (32-bit or 64-bit)
    -> Windows 7/8 is NOT supported!
  2. K+DCAN Cable (I recommend Pro K+DCAN Cable from BimmerGeek)
    -> Amazon/eBay cables are hit or miss
  3. BMW Standard Tools MUST be installed, and working correctly!
    -> How to Install BMW Standard Tools
  4. 150GBs or more availble space on your Hard Drive or SSD.
    -> I have tested it w/ 140GB's, and it would throw an error.
  5. Syst
Min 5Gb of RAM / Memory.
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