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how to bleed clutch after cdv removal without a pressure bleeder

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my buddy is getting ready to remove his cdv and we need to know how to bleed the clutch. i was on mad russians website and he explains how, but his bleed method required a pressure bleeder. unfortunately, we do not have one at our disposal. is there a way to bleed the clutch with 2 people instead? (one stepping on the clutch, other person opens and closes valve)

words of wisdom appreciated.:facepalm:
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have you tried going to a auto parts store and seeing if you can rent one..
I know it was on M3F somewhere when I was going to do it myself. Do a search on there. Something about unplug line and push pedal in, plug line and pull pedal out.
I used a MityVac. Only need one person. And it's cheap.
I believe it's just like bleeding the brakes. Pump the clutch pedal 5 times hold the clutch down, open the bleeder valve, close the bleeder valve, then release the clutch pedal and repeat. Keeping doing it untill you see no bubbles in the clear plastic tube attached to the valve.
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