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How often do u wax ur car ?

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Some people told me that waxing the car will make more strach on the car is that true....

they suggest me not to wax the car...no matter wut....

Any idea?
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I wash my car about once every 2-4 weeks (depending how dirty it is). If I notice that the water doesn't bead, then I'll clean the paint/polish/wax. This wil be about every 2 months or so. Befre I start cleaning the paint, I'll feel the texture, if It's rough, I'll clay also. Usually after I get home every day, Ill use the california duster and some quick detailer with microfiber. One time I lasted an entire month without washing my car and it was just as clean as the day after I washed it.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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