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how long can i put the car on idle?

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i never done it, but i've always just wanted to play my PS2 in my car during lunch sometimes, but don't know what the effects are on the battery if i just turn the car and engine on, and leave it idle. (i have a full A/V stereo system with ps2)

usually, on long trips, it hasn't been too bad with the battery playing the ps2 or watching DVD for 2-3 hours at a time, but what about if i just leave the car on in a parking lot for an extended period??
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Just my two pennies worth...

We all should have a radiator at the front of the car, plus various intakes for cold air. My understanding is that when the car is in forward motion, this air get drawn into the radiator slats, to cool the temperature of the water (most of our cars should be water or air cooled or both). :)

Therefore, if the car is not moving, there is a likeliness that the engine will heat more than normal - possibly causing overheating and therefore, potential damage. This could be directly related to a lesser supply of air to cool the water, which is driven around the engine for cooling. We do have a cooling fan. But, it is not sufficient to cool the engine for a sustained period of non-motion.

Perhaps I don't know what I am talking about, since there are some differences in spec between UK and US cars. But, just my thinking :eeps:

This is in addition to LAFENGAS's comments and engineering explanation. Thanks buddy.

Vik AD
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