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how long can i put the car on idle?

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i never done it, but i've always just wanted to play my PS2 in my car during lunch sometimes, but don't know what the effects are on the battery if i just turn the car and engine on, and leave it idle. (i have a full A/V stereo system with ps2)

usually, on long trips, it hasn't been too bad with the battery playing the ps2 or watching DVD for 2-3 hours at a time, but what about if i just leave the car on in a parking lot for an extended period??
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i'm not too versed on the subject, but i would assume that it would be okay as long as the engine was running and not just running off the battery....
btw, you have a PS2 in your car? damn, i HAVE to see it how... haha, u hang out near w. town? i'm just gonna drive around w. knox looking for ur car.. hahahahaha :)
how much ur GSR selling for?
XKxRome0ox said:
LAFENGAS summed it up real well

i read somewhere years ago that... idling your car for more than 45 seconds is the equivalent of restarting your engine... in terms of the wear and tear and the amount of gas wasted

i think you would be better off doing something else during your lunchtime instead of sitting around in your car playing ps2 while your engine is running
i don't know how old you are...
but... if you are in high school... go socialize... hang out with your friends... go hit on some girls...
if you are in college or beyond... i'm sure you can find something better to do
hehe, he's married with child i believe...
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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