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How do you track your new BMW ordered?

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I've recently put in my order for a 2003 M3 which is being built in week 11 (next week actually!). I want to know how do i track it's location online after it's built? I see some people take screenshots of some website where it shows the status of their car and when it's gonna be on the boat and stuff like that. Where is this website? My dealer is of no help - they're idiots. I am in Canada also so maybe tracking is only available to USA customers?? :dunno:
Anyway if you got any info to help me track my car i'd appreciate it thanks.
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BimmerJustin said:
Click on AUTO and type in the VIN #. Hope this is what you wanted!
Hey thanks this looks like it'll work, but i don't have my VIN. All i have is my vehicle purchase agreement receipt of my downpayment. I guess i get the VIN after my car is built? well cool i'll try this out when i do..
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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