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I have an M54b30 and I've been having an issue with the car behaving sluggish once reaching operating temperature, there's a night and day difference with torque output between driving it within the first 10 minutes of start up (when still running cold) and then once at operating temperature, the car begins to feels like it becomes less responsive and far less powerful once it has warmed.

I've heard that the fuel mixture is rich on start up until it reaches near operating temperature, and then leans out, now this could be my issue.

Related to that I have found this great thread on BimmerForums:328i less power when warm - Page 3

-that goes into details about it, and the individual on there altered his Fuel Enrichment table to match that of a cold start (sets enrichment tables of warm running to match that of first start running behaviour - sets to just above freezing) now he is telling the ECU to believe it always has a coolant temp of just above freezing so he can replicate the power and torque of when there car has just started and before it begins to -(possibly lean out) and start reducing power.

Now I'm wondering how to access the Fuel Enrichment tables and how I could modify them to do the same for me so I can overcome my sluggishness once I've reached operating temperature.

I've never used INPA before, but I have the cable and now just need to know what software to install to be able to make these alterations and tell the ecu to keep itself in a near freezing coolant temp fuel delivery behaviour state.

As this seemed to solve the individuals issue that happens to be identical to mine, I'm hoping it will do the same to me, and this goes to anyone else out there who reads this and has a similar issue that they want resolved.

If you need me to post any logs then let me know and I'll be more than happy to oblige.

Best regards.

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