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those are brembo calipers, and OEM BMW M3 rotors

seems very high quality to me?

"With the tremendous amount of brake torque our brakes can generate, a great deal of heat is generated as a result. By using a two-piece, E46 M3 Euro rotor (cast iron disc with aluminum rotor hat), the rotor itself is better capable of resisting the damaging effects of the heat. This two-piece construction allows the rotor to also be lighter (despite being larger than stock), which reduces rotational weight. Additionally, the cast-drilled holes in the disc itself provide a path to disperse built-up heat and gasses. Additionally, the holes also help clean and refresh the pad surface.

These Brembo calipers feature four sequentially-sized pistons, as found in most racing cars today. These calipers provide superior braking performance as maximum brake torque can be applied, resulting in better performance and even pad wear. The calipers also allow for quick pad changes, if required."
1 - 8 of 8 Posts