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HK Spearker Rattle Hizzing

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i know there has been threads, but i'm not quite sure if this is what i'm getting on my car.

the past 2 wks, i've heard a hizzing .......... sounds as if there's a bee buzzing.......on the front passenger speakers.

i don't know if i've blown my tweeters or my 6 1/2's?!

can someone shed some light on this for me pls, it's driving me bonkers!!!

thx in advance!
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Thank God for this thread, now I know what the buzzing on my 1.5 month old car is! :)

Not upset over it, but will help when I bring the car in next week to fix it. All new cars are bound to have little problems, but it helps when you know what to tell the dealer.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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