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HK Spearker Rattle Hizzing

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i know there has been threads, but i'm not quite sure if this is what i'm getting on my car.

the past 2 wks, i've heard a hizzing .......... sounds as if there's a bee buzzing.......on the front passenger speakers.

i don't know if i've blown my tweeters or my 6 1/2's?!

can someone shed some light on this for me pls, it's driving me bonkers!!!

thx in advance!
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I had the same problem and took my car in. They told me that a gromet that holds the speaker in place had come loose. You might also be hearing noise from the plastic snaps that hold the door panel in place. Some of the snaps have a small rubber washer that can be lost if your door panel is taken off for any reason. Removing the door panel is easy and you might be able to figure out the problem if you want to save yourself the trouble of taking the car to the dealer. Check the Tech section for directions on removing the door panel.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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