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HK Spearker Rattle Hizzing

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i know there has been threads, but i'm not quite sure if this is what i'm getting on my car.

the past 2 wks, i've heard a hizzing .......... sounds as if there's a bee buzzing.......on the front passenger speakers.

i don't know if i've blown my tweeters or my 6 1/2's?!

can someone shed some light on this for me pls, it's driving me bonkers!!!

thx in advance!
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Hi guys,

I have an '03 M3 with the same problem. There are actually two service bulletins out about this.

One is the passenger side door speaker buzz and the second is buzzing/rattling of the rear deck (where subs sit.)

If you take your car in, just ask them to check these two service bullentins. They should be able to look it up and fix it no problem.

The more complex audio issue I'm having is, when driving listening to the radio, sound is being cut off to certain speakers than comes back or shifts to other speakers. I have the HK upgrade.

Anyone have or hear of this problem?

Hope that helps,
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Technical service bulletins are issued by BMW. They're not something we get. When you take your car in for service complaining about a problem, standard procedure for the techs is to check if there has been a recall or "service bulletin" about this issue.

I know about these two HK audio service bullentins because someone on another board actually posted the real bulletins on the 'net for me to read.

Some of them I look up, but they are not all available for some reason, for instance, here is the subwoofer rattle -


Also, you'll have to look back to prior years or different models to find the same issue.

If you have a solid service dept, you shouldn't even have to do this work. I use BMW Peabody, MA and they have always been top-notch.

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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