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My name is Isaias and well, i just got my 323i, 2000 couple of weeks ago, before this i owned 2 other 318i, however, i had to upgrade to a bigger engine.

Anyways, im going to buy new wheels, and of course im aiming for 18's however, my car is a 323i 2000, classic gray, and the best look ive seen on rims color is black, so im here for opinion, and pictures if you have a similar car, and have different rims post picture yeah?

Im going to upgrade from 16's to 18, or even 19's, however, i need to know your opinion on what color i should get on my wheels.

I've seen gray, and black rims, or maybe some gunmetal like M3 does, what do you think? im leaning more into the gunmetal, and black, not even considering chrome... me no like..

so let me know your opinions!:argue:

P.S sorry if im not suppose to ask this on this threat.

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