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Ms42 ews

Hello guys,

My second post and being soo specific, sorry.
I´ve been looking at a damos for MS42 and wondering if EWS delete is such a pain as some seem to believe or not.
I´m used at turning off switches with Bosch ECUs but Siemens seem to be a bit different.

Here´s what I believe have to be tweaked but could use some help from more experienced guys:


And in doubt with "SPERR" maps does it refer to "wegfahrsperre" like bosch does?

Anyone messed around with times and values, will it be ok to try with zeroed values and "maximum" times? :)

Thanks in advance and hope I can help too.


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The MS42/MS43 never came out on a car designed for boost. Boost maps don't exist for MS42 and MS43.

The DME uses MAF, so it does not "see" the air pressure in the intake manifold.

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'''How to Downgrade Your Software to 0110AD '''

Things you will need

1. A copy of 0110AD virgin software choose your model Virgin.rar
2. jmgarage flasher
3. your odb2 flashing cable

Step 1 Start by removing your MS42 ecu from your car and open up it up.
Step 2 reconnect your dme to the car but only connectors 1 and 4
Step 3 connect your laptop via obd port using your flashing cable and open up jmgarage flasher
Step 4 Start by grounding the boot pin and turning igniton on to key position 2 keep holding the ground pin
Step 5 click connect in jmgarage flasher and keep holding the grounding pin untill it connects 100 you can remove the grounding pin now
Step 6 Save your current flash to a safe place. once you have your back up click open and select your new virgin software file and click write.
Step 7 once it writes 100 percent close all programs and turn off the car your now on virgin AD software
Step 8 Reassemble your dme and reconnect all plugs.
Step 9 Connect your INPA cable and turn key to position 2
step 10 Run bmw INPA select your model and dme open the EWS SYNC option and click sync ews on done close all programs and turn off car
Step 11 Start the engine and crack a beer you are now on 0110AD
Thanks for the steps.. but how can I change the VIN number stored in the file ?
I want to make the DME vin number match with every other modules.
101 - 119 of 119 Posts