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firstly I am based in Malawi (Africa) and we are not fortunate enough to have access to highly experienced mechnics, that said my current mechanic is an ex BMW technician who is a decent mechanic.

Few weeks ago car was leaking some oil from one of the pipes leading into CCV and the car went into fit a new CCV (crank case Valve) and all leading pipes into it. The car was running fine however I decided to get it sorted as I noticed the oil and was advised by BMW in South Africa that the CCV does need a change after some years.

I also got a full service done at the same time - when car returned it had a tiny misfire ... I sent it back to mechanics to check all pipes had been fitted properly, they claimed the new CCV was faulty and was leaking air in one of the pipes and claimed to fix it but next thing I knew is the car had major misfire , only 3 cylinders firing and seriously no power.

Unfortunately I did not keep the old parts so cannot test theory of mechanic regards faulty new CCV however I doubt that is the cause, personally I feel they may not have fitted it properly

I really need some help or some guidance so I can point the technician in the right direction, the car has been sitting for a month now - any help will be appreciated below are the codes that are showing:

I am getting really desperate now and am even considering flying in a mechanic from South Africa as a last option

274E Misfire detection, Checksum failure -combustion failure multiple cylinders with CAT damage

2742 Misfire detection cyl.1 , combustion failure

2783 Hot film air mass meter under min value

2785 DK-Potentiometer , throttle valve potentiometer defective

2731 Camshaft control inlet - VANOS

27BB Camshaft control outlet-VANOS

27B5 Control inlet-VANOS

27BD Control outlet-VANOS
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