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Hey everybody,

I have a e46 320ci special edition and my right side speakers stopped working. After thinking that my non-navigation head unit had the amp behind it I've recently learned that in fact it was my BM53 console that had died which had made my right side speakers to fail. I have since bought a Dynavin clone however the wiring loom needed to connect the clone to produce sound and get the steering wheel controls are at the rear where the BM53 is/was. I plan to wire where the existing loom on the BM53 was to an aftermarket amp however I dont know what wire is what. Does anybody have the pin layout for the BM53?

Any help would be great.



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This might help:

1. Spkr Rear Right +
2. Spkr Front Right +
3. Spkr FL-
4. Spkr RL+
5. Spkr RR-
6. Spkr FR-
7. Spkr FL-
8. Spkr RL-
9. I-Bus
10. Phone Mute/Speed Signal
11 Tel On
12. GND
13. 12V Ant out
14. 12V Illum (58g)
15. 12V Direct (30)
16. 12V Acc (R)

The 2 smaller connectors are your various audio source inputs which presumably become unused with the Dynavin.
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