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For about a month I have been trying to decide what wheels to put on my Alpine White 03 M3...

It is driving me crazy....

The wheels will be 19x9F and 19x10R and the front runners are:

SSR GT3 and HRE 545R (leaning toward HRE)

The SSR' are nice but I think a full polished or chromed wheel will look better with a white car. What do ya think?

The best prices so far I have gotten:

HRE 545R CHROMED w/ tires $ 6,759.00
HRE 545R polish w/ cc w/ tires $ 5,760.00
GT3 w/ tires $ 3,780.00

ARe these prices OK...anybody do much better...
I mean I love the HRE's but the SSR's are a boatload cheaper. I can do a bunch w/ the xtra 3K.

If I do do HRE should I go chrome (i live in Jersey)...remember white car.

Ihave posted this on a couple of forums - just lookin for lots of input..sorry for the redundancy to those who bounce forums

THanking you guys in advance for your help
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