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I have a 2001 M3 and the starter had been giving me occasional problems. Recently though, it has become a real issue and currently I can't get the car to start at all. Money is a bit tight right now, but I really want to get this repaired so I can enjoy the car for the rest of the summer (it's a vert).

I'm looking for someone local (Columbus, OH) that has done this and wouldn't mind helping me. I'm a bit hesitant to go poking around in the engine bay alone, despite the great DIYs on this site, plus I don't have the plethora of tools that make jobs like this easier. I can supply beer, pizza, and if the car starts, I'll come to you. I really just can't take the hit right now on labor from a shop to have this done. I could have the part as early as next weekend or sometime early September if that's better.

Anyone care to help out a fellow forum member?
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