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I need to replace the rear passenger side interior door handle since it was damaged when I was moving furniture in the back seat (was an idiot for trying). The dealership only sells the entire door panel which is very expensive. I want to replace just the door handle. I found a good one at a junkyard but when we removed the door trim, I noticed that the door handle is not screwed to the door panel but rather plastic-welded together (unlike the torq screws as indicated in the coupe door panel removal DIY). There's about 5 plastic caps that seem to be melted into the panel and the door handle and although they appear to be removal, I wonder if it can be reattached. Note that the part I saw was from a '99 sedan while mine is a '03 sedan. Note also that I cannot replace the entire door panel since the '99 model does not have side airbag like the '03.

Does anyone know how to remove and reattach the door handle from the door panel? Could it be that '03 is bolted on while '99 is plastic-welded on?

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