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So I drove to work today, parked and went in for awhile. Came back out, started up the car and noticed the in-dash CD player said WAIT on it. I figured it was just spinning up but I had never seen it before so I waited.

The WAIT screen never went away, so I figured maybe it was a bad CD. I swapped CD's a few times and it still said WAIT. I turned it off and on a few times, still WAIT. Grabbed the radio owners manual, nothing about WAIT being displayed.

So off I go home in silence.

All of a sudden the player starts playing properly and I figure it was just a passing glitch or something and about 2-3 minutes later it stops and displays PHONE. (I don't have a phone installed in the car.) After displaying PHONE for a bit it starts changing back and forth from playing the CD to displaying PHONE over and over until I finally just shut it off.

It's somewhat disconcerting that in only 700 miles my side mirrors have stopped working and now the CD player is freaking out, though the mirrors stopped working after taking the car into Allison, so it's possible they just broke something when programming my key memory.

I only have 700 miles on the car and haven't done any mods to it yet. Anyone ever seen this?

- Mike
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