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So I’m looking to buy a 2003 Carbon Black M3 with 174k miles on the clock. I am not sure if I should pull the trigger on it, the miles dont necessarily bother me as this would be my daily so anything I buy will be driven but of course when you buy I higher mileage car you start to find more problems. I know the engines can handle a lot but so y’all think it’s worth it or should I hold off on it and find something else? Also would like to mention that he has never had any problems with the vanos, he got the car at 107k miles so there’s a possibility that the previous owner had to deal with that but I’m not sure i could ask if he knows but not too sure If he’d know. Price is 12k but negotiable so would like some help on this before I either dig my own grave or am as happy as can be.

List of what’s done to the car

  • Status gruppe coilovers
  • Status gruppe csl style rear diffuser
  • 18x9.5 +35 Konig Freeform
  • 255/40-18 PSS
  • K&N FIPK
  • Megan axle back exhaust
  • Smoked corners
  • Smoked markers
  • Euro front bumper
  • Amber taillights
  • Black kidney grills
  • Colby wheel alcantara wheel
  • Hard Motorsports GT3 interior handle pulls
  • OEM all weather mats
  • Extended aluminum shifter paddles
  • Turner subframe reinforcement kit
  • AKG subframe and diff bushings
  • URO front LCAS
  • Rebuilt driveshaft
  • SMG system serviced less than a year ago
  • Clutch/mounts/rear seal about 1.5 year ago
  • Blackstone samples since 107k while under my ownership
  • Liqui moly oil changed with liqui moly anti-friction at every change
  • No copper in any Blackstone sample

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Pay a knowledge shop familiar with the car and get a PPI. Could very well be the best couple of hundred dollars you'll ever spend.

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Make sure you understand what it costs to maintain these cars. It is NOT Honda maintenance . You cannot wait for something to fail. You can't cheap out on tires, brakes and gas. Everything wears out faster. More so on a 17 year old copy.

Plan on spending $8K the first year. The sweet spot for a well (not highly) maintained car is $20K. Have a $3-4K cash emergency fund that won't hurt when you use it.

Get a PPI from a shop that knows these cars WELL. Assume nothing.

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How do you know what is in the Blackstone test?
It’s what the seller is telling him in his ad:
“Blackstone samples since 107k while under my ownership“

maybe that’s your point.. we don’t know really without seeing the report.
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