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Eddie, Anyone, especially sedan owners - I've done a lot of searching but haven't found a definitive answer. I would very much appreciate any experienced input , here's my scenario/information: :banghead:

* 328i (Please keep in mine this question applies to for SEDAN - if it does make any difference)
* I currently have dinan suspension (so barely lower than stock sport suspension)
* I mounted 18x8.5" rims (PG2), with 235/40/18. All 4 rims have an offset of et38

I'm currently get some rubbing in rear left (and possibly rear right too) on "aggressive" turns and rough roads. I DON'T suspect that it's rubbing the fender, but actually on the inside (e.g. suspension?).

I just mounted the wheels so:
- would an alignment potentially resolve this?
- do I need wheels spacers?
- camber positive/negative correction?
- anything incorrect with offset of et38?

I would appreciate any experience on this before I get the ride on the lift to better access what is rubbing? I know long post, but Thanks Again! :thumbup:
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