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So I got this issue going on:
I get a strange and somewhat loud metal on metal thumping sound coming from the rear of my 5 speed 325Ci.
It started when I was on my way home from the gym and I went over a railroad crossing; nothing was in my way on the road and it wasn't a big "bump" like some of the railroad crossings.
Almost immediately after going over, my car started shaking and I thought that I had a flat tire. I pull over and as I was applying the e-brake, I realize that it's a lot stiffer than the usual, then I proceed to check all tires and wheel nuts, and they are all fine.
I try to "wiggle" things around to see if something is loose, but could find nothing.
I go and try to move my car, as I was about a block away from home, and hear that metal on metal thumping sound, which only "sped-up" as I sped-up and vice versa. It happens whether I'm in neutral and push the car, or in gear and move the car.
Any ideas on what the cause might be?
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