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As you can hear from the video, when car is at standstill and I turn the wheel a couple of degrees left/right I can hear a knocking sound coming from the front of the engine.

I believe it's the same sound when I'm slowly going over paved roads / road bumps. I have no idea what is causing it and it's driving me crazy.

Additionally, I can hear the same knock sound when I have the steering wheel either left or right and going in reverse over a road bump or something (backing out of the garage etc), where 1 wheel is not on the same level as the opposite wheel.

The current setup is:
OEM endlinks (90000 miles on them, original)
H-Sport sways (lubricated and tight, sound was there before them)
Meyle control arms + bushings (37000 miles ago, seem to be tight too)
Changed steering column u-joint/bushing (45000 miles ago)

Steering feels tight and precise as far as I know and having driven another 2 E46, mine was the most tight of all.

Where should I look? Any clues/tips/help much appreciated


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Hmm, why doesn't the tire make noise as you turn the steering wheel ? Also the steering wheel seems rather bouncy from one side to the other. As for the noise, it can't be that hard to find. Just raise the front and go under there and listen, while someone turns the steering.

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Mine does the EXACT same thing. I have no idea what it could be and just noticed it for the first time tonight (4/28/09). Other then the noise the car drives just fine as it always has. No extra vibration and steering is good and tight. I only have 59k miles too.

I was going to assume it would be the coupler since it makes the noise as the shaft moves and not the wheels, but since you've changed yours I'm not sure unless in 45k miles it has worn out again. Let me know if you've had any luck fixing the problem. Since your endlinks are also original like mine I'm also going to check those as well.

#2 in the diagram is the coupler, correct?

I've searched and read other threads where people have changed their coupler without it solving the problem. One thread a guy even went so far as to change the entire front end suspension and replace the steering rack and column.

Someone suggested springs being not properly seated, also shocks wearing out (I don't see how this would cause a noise though).

Recently I siphoned and replaced some power steering fluid from the reservoir, but I doubt that's the culprit since the car was off and no air got into the lines. Two days ago I did plugs/belts/tensioner pulley/tranny fluid.... doing the tranny fluid I had to jack the car up, maybe that altered something?

My suspension is all stock except for Bavauto Springs.

Here's another good thread for reference.

Two more where it seems to be pinpointed, then continued
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