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HELP! How do I get this effect on my rims through painting??

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Its almost a chrome shadowy look... i was playing around in p-shop and came out w/ this.... i'm in love

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Chase any paint/wheel repair shop can mix it. It's almost the same finish as Mille Miglia Evo5s kinda of a satin finish
Chase, Rob Levinson had his M5 Touring wheels done in a chrome shadow type finish. You may want to shoot him an email
Almost looks like satin finish (like on the new SSR GT3's).
playinJ30 said:
Its almost a chrome shadowy look... i was playing around in p-shop and came out w/ this.... i'm in love

you can probably get a local body shop to paint your rims with one coat of black pearl and add more until you're satisfied and paint one final coat of clear, that's what my friend did!:thumbup:
Satin mix paint.. hint of black.. any auto body paint shiop should be able to mix something fairly close I would think.
It looks awesome.
Why the hell didnt I repaint my rims like that?:banghead:
Well. Maybe next time there is a scratch:D
so, would I take the rims to a bodyshop or to a rim place for this to get done? I'm not sure a rim place will have the ability to mix up paint like that, but a bodyshop will... could they paint my rims for me?
I'm pretty sure most bodyshops could, since the process doesn't seem to be that difficult (One of my friends did it himself, and the end-product was pretty impressive, even though he had to touch up a few wheels). That is one gorgeous color too, so good luck and if you do go for it, be sure to post pics:D
that looks like a machined wheel... my friend has done it on his LTW Spokes on his Euro 95M3 and it gives it that dark polished look but not too polished.. if you look at the AMG wheels... they have machined lips and most local wheel repair shops will be able to machine the entire wheel for you.
hey the rims would look nice like that, u should go for it

and ure eyelids look weird all black against the CF hood, get the eyelids CF'd too :)
I'm in love too, that thing looks DOPE!!!
POST PICS if u do it, more power to u man, make sure to hook up the color code if u do....:niceshoes I'm in love with that color too:luv:
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