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Well time of putting ICE in my ride has come. I have come around a couple good deals and I have picked up a couple things:

Alpine Deck 7998
Alpine CD changer
PPI 600 watts 2 ch
PPI 400 watts 4 ch
Diamond Hex componets speakers.

Now this is what Im planning:
IM planning to get a JL 12" w6 v2 sub
custom box trunk enclosure.

Now question.
Do I need component speakers for the rear? I was thinking of MB Quart. I heard that its ok to go with factory in the rear or just coaxial speakers.

Also I was thinking of buying a capacitor from ebay, would that be ok? The ones that I like are MA, Lighting.

Is there Anything else I should consider?

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Sup Carlos,

Maybe i can shed some light for you. For the rear speakers, i would recommend you to get the same brand as your front component set. Also, you can go with either a component set or a coaxial set. Either one will be fine. And about the capacitor, anything is fine. They're all the same SH!T!!!hahah. Oh, are you going to be putting this together yourself or have a shop install everything for you???


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Best advice, don't take any from the loser who posted above me :flipoff:

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