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Help Finding Spec E46 Races

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I have been looking into Spec E46 for a while now just trying to get feel for the class and what it takes to race in it. I have a reasonable understanding of what modifications are required/allowed and what the cost roughly are.

what I cannot figure out is what events exist for the car. I cannot find anything relating to what tracks the races are at, when they are and what series the car can run in.

Basically what I am asking is if anyone has a list of all the events that the car would be eligible for and a list of what classes/series the car can run in. (I know there is a NASA spec class, there there is some BMW CCA races, but I cannot find any dates)

I have looked though the NASA website, the Spec E46 website and the BMC CCA Culb Racing website and I cannot find anything that make sense to me.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm in the New England area if that helps at all.
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I believe you'd want to check out NASA North East (http://nasane.com/). Looks like there is only one event left for the year which may be why you're having a hard time to find events. I'm from FL, but if NE region is similar, the 2019 schedule isn't available yet. The car can also run in specific classes for SCCA (T3) and BMW CCA (not sure of the class since there are no BMWCCA events here in FL). You can get an idea of what the NASA NE schedule for 2018 was here -> http://racehero.io/orgs/nasane

If you haven't found the SpecE46 Facebook page yet, I'd suggest joining the group and posting there since that group is much more active than this forum.
Jeeves pretty much covered it, you basically need to go down to the region level for each club to find schedules. Then as long as there is a race date, you will be able to run. Check the results pages to see what tracks they were at this past year. You can also sometimes go to the track website to see their schedule. I don't see Palmer on the list for NASANE which is a bummer, that's a bucket list track for me (being from Chicago). NASA Great Lakes will run at Pittsburg again next year.

Spec E46s can run ST5 as well in NASA with a little weight and a better tire. Always an option.
Bumping this thread because I just started looking into Spec E46 as an option about an hour ago... so big newbie. I can't figure out if there are a minimum number of races you need to attend. Can I just do a few races/year that are near me? I'm not looking to travel the country with this... but would like to build a Spec E46 that I can do a few HPDE events and a few races/year.
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