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So my s54 is being temperamental... Imagine that..

When I first start the car in the morning it runs fine for about 10 seconds then starts to misfire and choke. It will idle, but has an audible miss. Then, when you give it throttle, it sunds like it is running out of gas.

This goes away once the engine gets some heat in it. (2-3 minutes of idling)

Codes are all for cylinder 4 missfire. Coil is new, sparkplugs are good, engine runs fine (hauls ass) once it's warm. Doesn't miss once it's warm.

Any ideas? It's hard to trouble shoot due to it only being a problem when it's cold.

Car has a new fuel pump & filter.

I'm wanting to say crank position (no code) or fuel pressure reg (but runs fine when warm). What sensor is only used when it's cold if any?

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