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any great mechanics in the Washington DC area?

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About a month ago I changed my VCG and a the next day my CEL appeared.

I took it to my mechanic twice with the codes po491 and po492, but the CEl comes back on. He said the vacuum lines were brittle , and this sort of thing just happens. I took it out on the beltway last weekend and it did great with the light on! The next day I started the car and it stuttered and putted along but eventually got better, but I did get a po1353 code. the next day I started to examine the vacuum lines and noticed they were fitted together with large and small pieces , not a continuous piece like it should and they were very large 5/16 ( I believe). As I removed the to piece of the manifold distribution piece to get better leverage, I snapped the two breather hoses which I have replaced. I also connected the correct size vacuum tubes to the check valve in the right order I think and the car will not run after it starts. I still get the code po0492. Any advice? I would also like to know which way does the Vacuum Control Valve face white to the passenger black to the driver or vice versa. I am thinking I should replace the Vacuum Control Valve and the Vacuum Control check Valve too. The hoses look fine I don't think they are is the problem.:facepalm:
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