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There is a fellow on craigslist who is selling a set of H&R race springs with the 31019 VA stamped onto one of the springs. There also seems to be a 2/2001 stamped on them. Is that the manufacture date?
A quick google search brings up the H&R sport cup suspension kit at ECS Tuning. I have a 2005 325i sedan and he ran them on his 2002 2door with sports suspension.
I am wondering if these will work on my car even with aftermarket sports shocks such as Koni or Bilstein, or will the spring rates not work due to my car being a sedan no matter what shock I pair them with? If they'll work I might just run them on my stock shocks while I wait to find a set of aftermarket ones, although I know how everyone feels about that here so emphasis on the might :shhh:
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