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So I finally got around to replacing that nuisance oil filter housing gasket. On the 325i, And went ahead and replaced the radiator, upper and Lower hoses, and belts. The job went pretty smooth, without incident. I also went ahead and dropped the oil aswell.

So after everything was buttoned up, I started the car, it cranked up fine. I turned the heat and fan on full blast and begin to bleed the lines of air. That's when I noticed that the blower motor wasn't pushing any air....

When the car is off but ignition is turned on, and I turn the fans on, I can hear some type of engagement or hesitation from something behind the dash. Never heard the sound before in my life. When the car is on, the ac compressor turns on every time, but no air, nothing cold, or hot for that matter. I checked the blower fuses and they are fine....

Can SOMEBODY PLEASE give me some type of direction? it worked fine befor I replaced everything. Could I have disconnected something on that side of the motor maybe?

Any and all help is good help t this point.

Thank you.


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