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Hi guys, so my 2002 e46 325ci has been sitting in my garage for around a 2 weeks and has not been driven because I am waiting on my new clutch to arrive, so today I decided to turn it over and let it run for a few minutes to check everything was okay.

Well, everything was not. It started misfiring after running for 20 seconds, nearly stalled when I gave it a 'blip' and I heard a pretty distinctive crack sound coming from the engine, at this point I turned it off instantly. I did start it again 5 minutes later and it seemed to run fine for the first 10 seconds, but I was too scared to keep it running beyond 10 seconds. :tsk:

Before you jump to any conclusions, my oil was recently flushed, checked it and was at the max level and my coolant is also at its max level.

I plan on dropping it by my mechanic (not drive it, I have a trailer) very soon.

My questions are, has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any idea what on earth this could mean? Could this be damaged internals? (however, i dont think this would be the case as it started up fine after the crack sound). What should I do?
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