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Hey Forum, I got some major issues:

I was doing the AVIC Double DINN stereo upgrade to my 2005 330CI, just like so many have done before me...

Except I HAD a OEM GPS, MarkIV and all...it just sucked so hard I had to rip it out.

Now its been 2 months. All the little side proejcts I wanted to accomplish with there stereo upgrade are done (LED accent lighting, and 'dead' harness runs).

I need help with the actual install of the AVIC Z3 unit. I have the OEM GPS Harness installed in the car, not the Business Radio harness. To complicate things, I also have the trunk mounted DSP.

How the hell do I properly wire this stereo? GPS areial and Radio Antenna leads are run, I just need to interace with the AMP and POWER!

Please help! Does anyone have a wiring diagram in ENGLISH? (not in german!)

$ Reward for whomever helps me out the most!!
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