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Been a member here for about 10 days now, so i figured it was time to say hello. So hello, i'm Steve. I finally got an E46. It's a 2000 323i (sedan). I've owned bmw's before but they were e36 and i had a 1995 525i.

I changed the control arms today, wasn't a bad job at all. while i was at it, i replaced the rear brakes and found a leak in the vacuum system (hope that gets rid of that P1189 for good). I know, I know, i just got the car and i'm already having to do this kind of maintenance? I'm from north central ohio and travelled to north central michigan to get it. needless to say, the PO wasn't exactly honest about the car, but i was there and wasn't going home empty handed. he said the exterior was fantastic and the interior was even nicer. by the time i got there it was dark so i couldn't see all the scratches in the paint or the ding in the passenger rear door, a small patch of rust on the driver side rear door, not to mentions two giant nick in the windshield. The airbag light was on also.

i got it half way home then the SES light came on... three codes p1189, p1199 and one last one for the thermostat.... (heh, replaced the thermostat to). My oil pressure light keeps flashing to, but i already got another oil pressure sending unit - just waiting for the next oil change to put it on.

On the plus side, the clutch had just replaced, the coolant system has been updated and it came with brand new tires.

but anyways... i think i have everything worked out on it now. it's starting to feel like my car again. I'm going to get the windshield replaced this paypay and i'll get the exterior cosmetics taken care of as soon as it starts warming up.

well enough yammering..... i'll get some pics up as soon as i get the weather cleaned off....
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