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Hi E46 owners,
I am from Denver, Colorado. I am in love with e46 cars. This forum/website has been a great source of information, I have been reading the posts for the whole week and learnt a lot.
I am looking to buy my first BMW, thought I would ask some questions first.
So, I have found a BMW which has hail damage and has a salvage title because of hail. Its 2004 325i, auto, japanrot, standard equipment. Well I am looking at it in an auto auction.
I have to replace the windshields front and rear, and mirrors and door handles. And the corners lamps and rocker panels. I guess the previous owner took the panels and handles out before sending it to auction yard. I have looked around for the clear lamps and corners and mirrors. I also already have checked the windshield prices as well. This forum has given so much information that I can replace everything but the windshields on that car by myself.
But my question is how much shall I buy it for? The engine runs fine, everything else is in place.

FYI, I drive a honda accord v6 right now, which frankly I am very bored of. And before that I used to drive motorcycles, so I like the fun factor of rear wheel drive and I am very inclined towards BMW.
What else should I look for on it, I really like the car. If I buy it, I would be a proud owner of an E46.

Thank you all
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