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Hey all,

This is my "formal" introduction, but I have been perusing the forums looking for a ZHP to call my own. Well today, about 5 hours ago, I got mine!

Black on Black 330Ci Coupe
Premium Package
BMW Assist

Things for me to do (and hopefully you guys to help!)
1) Install Bluetooth. Should be painless since it was built 11/04 (?)
2) Install iPod Adapter. What's better: DICE or BMW?
3) Install Alarm.
4) Drive! Drive! Drive!

Things for the BMW Dealer to do
1) Replace wheel and hopefully shift clocth with leather under warranty.
2) Fix lumbar on drivers side.

But anyway. I'm really happy with the car. It's fast, it's fun. It's my first car and first BMW.


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very nice ZHP...i looked for black when i purchased but i couldn't find one.

go with the DICE silverline. i installed one a couple of weeks ago and love it.
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