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heat control re-mount

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i have a 2004 325ci and i want to install a aftermarket navi but to do so i need to remount the heat controls to the underneath compartment, ive seen it done before. Does anyone know if there is a bracking kit made to do this, if not will it just fit in and not move? please help, thanks
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Don't search or anything, its overrated anyways...
thanks franz, and do you know anything about navi's because some people are telling me you have to shave off partialy the ac duct to fit it in, is that with some navis or all?
contact jeff for a dynavin. you are better off that way.
Sorry I can't help with nav on e46, I went with an aftermarket unit not tied into the car system. Dynavin does look really interesting though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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