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Hey folks, just to let you know The Heartland Ring of US Audi Club is proud to introduce our Heartland Park Topeka Driver's School on May 13th-15th, 2011.


This event is designed to improve driving skills in a controlled environment that gives you confidence in real world situations. This school is held at a racing facility with ample space, no oncoming traffic, plenty of runoff room, and workers before each corner with flags to warn drivers of any upcoming danger. Despite being at a racetrack, the events are not competitive, are not timed, and most certainly are not racing. Beginner students have an experienced instructor in the car at all times while on the road course to guide them through the learning process. Some intermediate and advanced students start with an instructor in the car, but graduate to solo status after proving their level of safety and skill. Classroom sessions while not in the car provide valuable theory and discussion that complement what is learned in the car. Students are never pushed beyond their comfort and skill levels. Faster drivers are allowed to pass slower drivers under strict guidelines for everyone's safety, keeping all drivers feeling safe and confident of their surroundings.

Lessons and skills learned at these events really do transfer to everyday driving, as numerous former students attest to all the time. Many prior students report avoiding accidents thanks to things they learned at these events. Many others report simply enjoying their daily commute more, knowing more about themselves and their cars. There really is no better way to improve your skills.

What you will learn at a performance driving school:

* How to handle your car in an emergency situation.
* Understanding of braking dynamics.
* Increased confidence in the performance characteristics of your vehicle.

Heartland Park offers 14 turns in 2.5 miles and has 48 feet of elevation change. We want this Driving School to be safe, educational and fun. This is not a racing school, nor is it a competitive event. NOTE: At the eventmaster's discretion, if a driver is deemed to be racing or driving in an overly-aggressive manner, that driver will be banned from further participation in this event.

The event will feature Advanced Student and Instructor orientation day on Friday, and Drivers Education school on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be an optional gathering Saturday night for dinner where there will be a great raffle of donated items from our sponsors.

Take advantage of the Early Bird registration and save $50!


Drivers School. Beginners will have classroom time and off-track exercises in addition to on-track lapping with an instructor in the car at all times. Beginners will start with exercises and then progress onto track with their instructor. Friday will be Instructor Orientation and Advanced Student day.

Early bird registration (through April 15th)
Student Registration: $295

Advanced Students including Friday orientation $425 (Advanced approval required)

Early Bird Instructor Registration $125

Note: While the event organizers will make every effort to maximize track time, due to the possible track conditions, the number of
sessions and session length is not guaranteed.

We want you to have the best time you've ever had in your car, be it an Audi or not! We of course hope our Bimmer friends will make it out! Naturally there will be a number of BMW club instructors on hand to helping make this a multi club event. Please let myself or any other Staff member help you with anything we can do to make this a great event! Be safe and have fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Event Master.

Registration Link

Kris Loveless
[email protected]

Hope to see you at the track in May!

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This one's a bit more pricey it looks like.
This is a full DE. 2 days (Saturday & Sunday), class room education, full time instructor, and tons of track time.

If you can swing it, this is what you should do over the touring club things at HPT. You will learn so much at one of these.

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My dad took one of these and LOVED it, maybe i can get gim to fud it for me haha!
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