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First, I read Sillieidiot's Lighting related troubleshooting guide and could not find this exact problem. (I don't deny that I could have missed it)

The car is a 2005 ZHP convertible with the Xenon lights.

About a month ago, the driver side headlight went out and I got the dash indicator. No big deal, I figured on a 15 year old car, replacing a bulb or two is expected.

I opened the cap above the light and saw the wiring insulation had broken away and exposed the wiring. I sealed it all back up, put in a new bulb, but it still did not work.

I started swapping parts from the passenger side to see if there may be another issue. Some time during those activities, the passenger side stopped working.

I returned everything back to original locations. I bought new bulbs. And now, neither side is working.

Running lights work, turn signals work. But the Xenons do not. And there is no dash indicator that any light is out. With the hood up, I can hear a click when activating the switch but no lights.

Any thoughts on what to check for next?
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