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:pimpin:Damn ! I love this forum

I finally got the Angel Eyes installed with the remote foot well lighting. BTW, the remote option is a MUST !!!!:excited:

Yeah don't even bother commenting on the next picture.... :nono: I already ordered 2 brand new lens covers !!! :woot:

A few comments: The install is not hard but it's not easy. There are lots of steps that seem VERY difficult at first.
I was cursing about some of the forum members that are like" oh yeah, easy, only 45 minutes" All I can say is : :liar: !!! HAHAHAHAHAH

Seriously I spend 3-4 hours over 3 days, and that is not even counting the trips to Lordco and the time reading up on this. And I DID have a harness!
If I had to do it again, however, I could do it in probably an hour and a half. Maybe less...

(Remote foot well option is probably an hour in itself, it's impossible without removing the glove box in my car)

Overall a great mod.

Kosta (Athens), go for it !!! :thumbsup:

PS I'm actually thinking of buying another exact set to have spares. Considering how much effort it would be to switch all 4 again if I cannot find a match, $90 seems like a good deal for 2 ballasts and 4 rings. To boot, the connectors will match (ballast to ring) so I'd only have to replace the ring OR ballast if anything blows, an easy fix.

Almost forgot, these have silver/chrome in the back side... Is that similar to Chromiums maybe?

what is ballast actually?Sorry...
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