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hamann eyelids

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who has bought them from bavauto. they dont show any image and i am afraid of getting the wrong one.:dunno:
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is that your dog in the car?
the hamann eyelids are the ones with the curves.
yes its my dog. jejeje
and yeah i know but they dont have a thumbnail on the part so i am afraid of not getting the curved one
They charge $104.95 for the eyelids?? Why don't you just get one from ebay? I got mine for $70 (painted).
yeah $70 paint in ur car color ....hehehe
i got for 58 painted LoL. ebay man
get them from eBay
im afraid of getting ripped of at ebay. they have screwed the whole concept of why ebay was made in the first place
i got ebay eyelids. They sent me the wrong ones the first time, so i called them and they sent me the right ones for free. Funny thing is, i like the wrong ones more then the ones they were supposed to send me in the first place.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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