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Halo oem lights upgrade bulbs question

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I have halo front oem lights. I bought the new DDE s from umnitza and i like it. I never payed much attention to my lights but now with the dde's i think its maybe intresting to upgrade my oem halo front lights to. At this time i dont want to change the unit itself. I just want to know what possibilitys i have to change the oem front bulbs. I want something more matching the DDE light color. That dde is pure white and my oem bulbs give a more yellowish light. Can i change the bulbs to another kinda lights bulb that matches the dde light more? What brand of bulbs? Is there a bulb that loeks kinda like xenon to?

What are my choices and what +/- is the cost.
I want to know more...
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you've got some choices, but not really that many.
Our Vizu do a color match to the projectors however, so if you want, we can ship those to Tommy, and he can ship to you.
yes sounds good. So these bulbs will fit my Halo units yes? And I c on your site your selling 2 different kinds? What the difference between 9006 and H11
Vizu™ Hyper White Bulbs (9006) 9006 $32.00
Vizu™ Hyper White Bulbs (H11) H11 $32.00

And do i need 4 bubs yes for the 4 piece bulbs units?
ps i have pay pal ist shipping them 2 times not a lot of effort? You can always ship them to me directly after i pay with paypall
The more i read topics the more i get confuged :)

charlie yellow man ordered H7 in this topic and in the topic they say dont
even think about H11.

So whats the difference between H7 and H11?
I think 9006 is for fogs right?

My car 1999 european 316 E46
Hi Pmmeke,
Your car has got H7 in the main beams, 9006(HB4) in the fogs. I just emailed you :)
Try to find bulbs that match the 'color temp' of your DDE's. The color temp is the hue the bulb gives off. Piaa is a good company, they make quality bulbs, and a wide range of hues. Some of which are only available in the Japan or on the web, so you might need to search around a little.

More info: http://www.piaa.com/Bulbs/BulbsAbout.html

I have Piaa Xtreme Force bulbs which are very 'white' at 4700K.

Hope this helps!
thanks !
I ordered the Vizu with tommy, iam going to give them a try :)
heres a pic of them on my car for ya :thumbup:
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