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Whats up guys, I took my car over to my mechanic around 3:00 today and walked out at around 8:30 (muffler + coilovers) - front doesnt lower much more then stock (half an inch), and its as low as it can go, however my mechanic feels that there is something missing (suspension was used, had 9k miles) on the front he said that it should have a bump stop or a piece to center the plate that goes over the spring.. there was none, I sent eMails to turner and a few tuning shops before getting it installed, and they told me it was OKAY and COMPLETE. So we did shock/spring/plate/alignment plate - also, when i turn the wheel around 70-80% it makes a click sound.. not my power steering, just a click.. my mechanic said it would make this noise most likely prior to the installation, however I told him to proceed with the installation since shops such as turner, H&R and my local tuning shop assured me the kit was complete. Whats wrong here?

Sorry for the blurry pics!


Thanks in advance!
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