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How much would you pay (in Saudi Riyals)

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Hello everyone,

it has surely been a while. for the past year or so ive been given a company caprice and i wasnt too sure how long i was going to stay here. so i kept on postponing buying an e46

well after 3 months of searching the saudi market, ive finally found a winner

its a gulf spec (naghi the saudi agent) car

2004 330 convertible 60,000km on the clock
it has navigation, bi xenon, a phone and the sports package which gives it 18 inch M wheels and lowered suspension. the car is pretty much in clean condition. i gave it to the dealer for an inspection and after 2 days they said it needs a fuel filter and changing the rubber mounts for the rear suspension. All which should cost around SAR 750 including labour. i think i might need to change the two rear tires in a couple of months

it has a full service history

as for dents, the owner tells me it was repainted in the front left side as it was scratched while offloading from the ferry. the light is also new on that side. there's also some minor keying by some moron on the left bumper

so my much more expereinced friends, how much do you in your opinion think i should pay for the car. ive tried to be as through and covered everything i could about the car

hope to read your comments

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