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So I posted a thread here the other day about help for my driver seat, which was stuck in the forward most position,
as I moved it there so I could vacuum underneath the seats. When I tried to move it back, it wouldn't budge. Here are the symptoms I had.

- Switch Clicks, but the seat doesn't move
- Electrical noise from the motor is evident, but the seat still doesn't move
- No cut wires for me

If you have these similarities, it may just be jammed. Unfortunately, if this did happen, it's probably best to replace your adjustment motor, they're pretty cheap though.

To my knowledge, I tried to use vice grips and turn the bar, that didn't work, and I couldn't find anything online, so I took it to a vehicle electronics shop down my street,
and the guy checked the fuses, nothing was gone, and then proceeded to literally just tap the motor with a screwdriver all around the cylinder housing of the motor,
while I pushed the switch back for the seats. This cleared the jam and the seat is now fully functional, but I do need to replace the motor soon.

So if your seat is stuck and you don't have these symptoms, a common thing that breaks is the actual switch of the seat, so I would check the fuses first, I believe the 7th fuse in from the right on the bottom is the seat fuse.
Check that, if it isn't blown, and you cant hear the motor trying to work, most likely your switch is broken. All are cheap fixes, but a pain in the ass. Hope this helps!

Theoretically, this should also work on the other 2 motors if you are having a problem with the incline/recline, or thigh adjustment.
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